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Cassette Roller Blinds

Barter Cassette Roller Blinds give you the look that you want, harmonizing with individual style and design.

Barter Cassette Roller Blinds give excellent privacy, and may be positioned at any point in their drop to allow light control.

Do you have a home theatre? Integrate blackout blinds with your system. Adding a cassette and side guides to a chain or electric motor operation blind minimizes the amount of light spilling around the fabric. Also excellent for shift workers or young children to time shift darkness.

Choose from Angular or Round cassettes. The Angular Cassette may be reversed to align with the front of the reveal to seem invisible when in a matching colour

When fully open Barter Cassette Roller Blinds offer maximum visibility.

Barter Cassette Roller Blinds have a clean functional look because of their neat inconspicuous hardware and their lack of side hems.

Barter Cassette Roller Blinds may be finished with a neat metal bottom rail or a traditional trim.

If you have a training room, link all electric motors to one switch to operate together.Choose from a wide range of fabrics to give the final decorator options, "Blackout", translucent or even see through screens to control the light but keep the view.

Round                      Angular